Token Migration (MXX)
Background: Multiplier launched its yield farming protocol, Simplified Stable Bonds (SSB) in 2020 to attract and reward early adopters. Rewards on the SSB platform have since been exhausted. To utilise the MCL protocol on BSC, users on Ethereum are expected to migrate to BSC by the end of December 2021. Users can use a one-way bridge to convert their MXX to bMXX through the MXX-bMXX Converter at a rate of 100:1.
Token Overview and Uses Cases
  1. 1.
    Voting Rights: Govern the Multiplier (MXX) protocol and vote on protocol matters
  2. 2.
    Staking Incentives: Reward users who lock collateral on Simplified Stable Bonds (SSB)
Max Supply
% Allocation
Yield Farming (SSB)
CEFI Distribution
Liquidity Provision
Yield Farming (SSB): 126,000,000 (30.51%) tokens were set aside as yield farming rewards on the Simplified Stable Bonds (SSB) platform. CEFI Distribution: 267,000,000 (64.65%) tokens will be released from escrow till Nov 2021. Liquidity: 20,000,000 (4.8%) tokens were set aside to provide liquidity to MXX. For Token Release Schedule, please refer to bMXX Token Economics For more information, refer to MXX Whitepaper​
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