Team Multiplier
KIM HUI, CEO Founder of Belive SG. Former Creative Director in design space. Diverse background in multimedia and communication design. Bachelors in Communication Design at Glasgow School of Arts. Linkedin | Twitter | Telegram: @kimmultiplier
Yewnan, CTO Founder of PlayFury. Lead architect and solution designer for Defi, crypto exchanges, derivatives and solidity smart contracts. Full-stack programming expertise. Linkedin | Telegram: @yewnanmultiplier
Vinish, CIO Previously Managing Partner of xDelta Capital, a crypto market maker. Background in trading, trading technology and digital assets. MBA from University of Manchester. Linkedin | Telegram: @oldah
Jeff C.H. Ha, Compliance Officer Practicing lawyer. Experienced in regulatory advocacy. Led dozens of startups. Architect of legal framework for various corporate groups. Linkedin​
D.R. Dudley, Marketing Director Experienced in overall corporate imaging. Former arbitrage trader. Established Bitcoin Singapore online community in 2013. Linkedin | Telegram: @multipliermarketing
Frank, Tech Lead Experience in development of cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, solidity smart contracts, mobile and website applications. Full-stack programming expertise. Telegram: @frank_multiplier
Kuldeep K. Srivastava, Developer Experienced in dApp development and full stack app development. Certified Blockchain developer from Emurgo & Consensys academy. Linkedin​
Long Nguyen, Developer 3 years experience in Front-end Development in BlockChain & Decentralized Financial products.
Binh Nguyen, Developer Front-end developer experienced in front-end development process, frameworks and techniques.
SA, Design Lead Experience in marketing, print and UI/UX design. Designer for Red Journey Campaign. Invitee to A’ Design Award Italy 2019.
Dung Nguyen, QA lead Over 11 years of experience working as QA Leader, Project Leader, Managerial roles within various domains including Blockchain.
Han, Researcher Documenting various blockchain-related activities including the strategic implications it has on communities, user adoption, and liquidity. Research, collect, analyze and report blockchain-related data.
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